Monday, February 23, 2009

So long Martin darling

That's Martin staring at us, Gatsby-esque; that's Martin in his BMW (the video is stuck in my broken disc), we're in the back seat; the city is Copenhagen, 2006. Martin was like, 19 by then, he had began his first internet company at 12, self-made millionaire by 17; so smart and fast fast fast in his ways, he connected instantly with EK and Jony. We'd get pissed, wandered about the streets of Copenhagen (I have a video of you, sitting down and thinking darkly of a girl in an alley) and then again, in BA and New York, you'd twitt your way over London, Tokyo, Shanghai (you had fabulous insights about fashion in Shanghai), you'll stop by and we'd have brunch in Brooklyn, we parted ways in Times Square, then night out at The Pig in the Village, Martin in his awfully gorgeous suit, fooling around with his watch, we would talk about girls and how shy he was, because in the end he always dated girls much older than him, he was too smart for girls his age. Martin Shaedel was a Gatsby of the Internet era, the New York Observer observed when he died. Martin was riding a plane, that bursted into flames, around Santa Monica. He was 23, and a genious-kind of guy. So smart, so sensitive and kind. Martin you died in heaven, you'll stay there.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. The internet is thriving with memories of Martin from all his friends all around the world. The boy was touched. If there's a god commanding the troops in heaven, I'm pretty sure his networking and business skills just got a lot better.
goodbye Martin.