Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Exquisite training for writers in BA. (Spanish is so passé!) :P

Writing Workshop in English, Fiction and Non-Fiction

coordinated by [enormous author and darling friend] Maxine Swann, the pen behind Serious Girls (Chicas Serias), Flower Children (Niños hippies) and The Foreigners (Spanish translation forthcoming). Maxine is a Sorbonne-educated (with a thesis on Proust's style) adorable new yorker re-locating in BA, and she has directed writing workshops at Columbia University and the New School in New York City.

The workshop will consist of 8 weekly meetings over a period of 2 months, beginning the week of October 18th. In Palermo: Charcas & Bonpland

contact Maxine via Facebook or at

btw, this is Maxie and moi, in the Argentine cover of her 1st novel :D

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