Friday, October 29, 2010

Disquisitions pre Halloween

Due to my uncanny resemblance to the American politician, author, speaker, singer, and member of the GOP, Governor of Alaska Sara Louise Palin, I'm considering dressing like her for this Halloween in Iowa, my first all hallows eve in The Land of the Free. I can certainly do the hair, and sport her light glasses and a bright colored 2 piece (perchance a Hockey Mom tee when things get boozy); the rest is, as in politics, entirely debatable as whether I could go for Miss Alaska and win, too. The thing is: not enough. I need a baby prop. I'd like to go as Sarah Palin holding little baby Trig, her down syndrome offspring who comes with her to the political rallies (see below), and it's not easy, as some could have wrongly guessed, to find small baby props featuring down syndrome here in Iowa. Ismail from Nigeria is suggesting Andreas from Indonesia to play my son, and yesterday, I have chased Andreas at the reception at US Bank asking him wherther he would like to be my son (grandson, alas, but I'm not exaggerating accuracy, I'm Palin f'christ sakes). Andreas finds the idea so horrific that it's good. But he hasn't consented to our common genes yet.
A decision needs to be made in the coming hours... oh time, oh witches.

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