Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Estilo Islam Fundamental

I'm becoming a Muslim (*)
and my friend Ghada, to the left, is taking me under her wing

this is the fundamental style when you go to a rodeo on September Eleven, and there are priests in Florida burning Qurans. The word from the organization was "we can't protect you", and Ghada thought that, worst case scenario (burning her alive?), it would give her something to write about. A terrorist strategy ensued: Here's Ghada with my NASA cap + American Apparel hoodie... suddenly a redneck in style!

alas, we wanted to dance, and hence, the prospect of a gay bar (the one and only in iowa city?) was our immediate Grial. lovely Farangis practically threw away ahmadinejad just by swinging her hips
the Iranian revolution

and this young man approached us, to greet us for my conversion into Islam,
style American dollars protruding from his zunga, he squealed: You guys! You were last night at Jimmy Sandwich, I work there! Veggie club, right??

(*) the image was cut to support the cause of the Iconoclasts

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